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Web Development has been a passion of mine for some time now. Since I was a kid making websites for various groups, clubs, and games I have been fascinated with websites. At one point I even took advantage of my experience forgetting that some best practices and other techniques I would utilize on the daily are actually quite valuable and not as much common sense as I originally thought.

What My Customers Say

Key Components Of Websites

There are a few things every website needs and I happen to offer all three, but feel free to use the information I give out freely. There are more parts, but these really are core to the entire process.

Domain Name

I recommend you purchase your domain name yourself. You can do this in many ways like here. This will keep your domain in your control avoiding any issues in ownership no matter what should happen.


There are so many different hosts out there from the most well-known to lesser known hosting services. If you don’t want to bother with any of it then I do offer hosting myself using Crocweb as my server space.


Of course you have to have a design to show on your website. This is the final piece of the puzzle in your website going live. Of course there are many components that fit into a design, but I suggest keep it simple.

What My Customers Say

Patricia Bunn

“A great team to integrate into your business as your all-in-one marketing solution!”

LeRoy Hodges

“Since working with Travis our prescription scripts have increased by over 30%!”

Belinda Wilkerson

“Travis worked patiently with me and for me to remove some technical pain points. I highly recommend this team!”

My Process

Please understand that the coming months are going to involve myself spending a lot of time researching, speaking with you, testing out different design concepts, repairing errors, and more. We begin the process with a kickoff meeting to gather information. Also the kickoff phase will involve a lot of research on my part. Soon we will jump into the design and build phases. Content will follow with advice from myself or, if chosen, the complete content copy. Launch will involve review, testing, and hosting options. Our final phase is a plan for how you might move forward in more advanced marketing techniques if you choose to do so. I treat every client as super important and by doing such I have to schedule my time wisely. Average turnaround time for design is about 6-8 weeks give or take depending on so many factors I can’t explain it here, but will in blog later. Half of the total is due as a down payment for work to begin.

To get started with your website design let’s set an appointment using the button below to talk. We will be discussing your business, your goals, and where you currently are within this business.

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