Who Is Travis Bunn?

I am Travis Bunn. I’m all over the website, so by now you at least know what I look like. I am a son, brother, husband, friend, entrepreneur, U.S. Army Veteran, and much much more. I was born 28 November 1987 in Concord, Massachusetts and I grew up mostly in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

I currently live in Conyers, Georgia with my wife Brittany Bates and our various animals (1 dog, 1 turtle, & 4 ferrets). Bunn Brands is my digital marketing business that provides online coverage for a variety of businesses on the East Coast of the United States. If I’m not working on some form of Digital Marketing I’m playing video games, painting models, building random things, & more!

If you’re wondering I graduated from Fayetteville Christian School for high school and Methodist University for college. I have a BA in Computer Information Technologies and work with a variety of businesses consulting and working on their Digital Marketing strategies to help them grow. Other than that I like to spend my time with my wife, Brittany Bates, doing anything under the sun.

Feel free to check out our life here on the blog and comment!


What’s The Point Of All This?

The point of this entire website you’re currently on is really just to organize my thoughts and share my life with anyone interested. I guess the main goal I have is to keep myself focused, but still allow myself to exist as a person outside of my everyday work. Writing about things is a natural part of my thought organization process, so instead of hand writing in a journal all the time I thought I would share a few things with the public while still reflect on my thoughts and life in general.

Of course, sometimes things are a bit to private to share so my personal hand-written entries will still have their place for me. I don’t really have a schedule for how often I will be posting, but I’ll try and keep things moving along and interesting. If there is anything in particular that people seem to be enjoying I’ll throw it into a category and continue to write about those things. As of now I don’t have much of a grand plan for these entries, so join me as I continue to evolve.

Say Hello To My Family

In my immediate family I have my¬† mother, father, and two sisters. Both of my sisters have children so I have, right now, 3 nephews. The picture here is of myself and 2 of my nephews at a wedding. The third is a recent addition, so he wasn’t actually born yet when that photo was taken.

My sister Tara got married and is now Tara Mattocks with her husband George Mattocks and two boys Cameren and Shannon. I have another sister, Kristina Bunn, who isn’t married but has a son Bryce. My mom, Patricia Bunn, and my dad, Travis Bunn Jr, both live nearby my sisters in the home I mostly grew up in. I think my parents want to move to Arkansas, where they are originally from.

Actually my father was an extreme Army Brat where he moved often from place to place. At one point he lived in Panama and had a monkey and a parrot. It’s crazy to hear some of the stuff my dad has done or seen. Both my grandfather and my father were U.S. Army Special Forces so they’ve had quite the exciting life. I served as well, but not nearly as long and not at as high a level as them.

A Bit More About My Family…

After getting married I added on to my already growing family. Brittany is actually an only child so it’s just been her parents and her for so long. Her grandma actually moved into her parents while Brittany and I were getting together so I also got to meet and spend time with her grandmother. The only grandparent I ever really knew was my grandfather Travis Bunn Sr. He passed in 2006 and Brittany’s grandma was my first real interaction with a grandmother (that wasn’t my step grandma, who never seemed to want kids). Brittany’s grandmother on her fathers side also has made an effort to be part of our lives. She talks with us through Social Media, sends presents, came out to visit, and also came to our wedding. It’s nice to have more family.

Aside from the direct and in-law family I have quite a bit of extended family on my side in Hot Springs Arkansas. We have a few more cousins around the US and I’m sure around the world, but the majority of them seem to be settled in Arkansas and nearby Hot Springs. The town has two large lakes nearby that my parents both grew up on, especially my mother. It must have been extremely fun to be a teenager on a lake where people own boats. My upbringing was more in the country woods with horses and chickens…so I didn’t quite get that same experience, but I definitely had my fun.

I Have Lots Of Hobbies

Often times I hear that I have far too many hobbies. I have been told to give up one thing and focus on another…to perfect one thing. I believe that is the way to become a professional at your hobbies. A hobby is literally supposed to be something that you do on the side. If you can make money from it eventually then that’s cool, but it’s not my goal to turn my hobbies into money making opportunities. The goal of any hobby that I have is to enjoy myself. Let’s talk about some of those hobbies.

Music has always been a hobby of mine. I have participated in band classes throughout school and actually went a semester or two to UNCP as a Drum Set Major. I found at school that music was more of a hobby than a job for me. I really enjoy playing music and having fun. I really enjoy getting better at playing music, but I felt as soon as it became “job-like” I didn’t enjoy it as much. Thus ended my professional music career, but I’ll continue to play with bands and having fun at gigs.

Video Games is another deep passion of mine as far as hobbies. While I do plan to stream and write more about my gaming experiences I don’t think I could dedicate 60+ hours a week to playing and recording the various games that I play.

Seriously I Have A Ton Of Hobbies…

Some of my other hobbies include: model painting, construction/building, computer building, phone repair, fixing up my house without hiring out, writing, beard events, caring for animals, walking, bike riding, kayaking, camping, car repair, drawing, graphic design, video game development, reselling items, refurbishing items, and more. I’m sure I could continue to list out the things I like to randomly do with my spare time, but I think it’s more important to talk about why I get involved with so many things and have so many hobbies.

I believe I have so many hobbies and participate in so much because in the end I truly enjoy learning. That’s not to say that I love school, because I hate the entire construct of school and the way it is run. From a very young age my father would take me outside to build barns, fencing, fix porches, work in gardens, build ponds, and do whatever we needed to do around the house. That experience and all of my hobbies have pretty much honed me into a jack of all trades. I truly enjoy fiddling with things, learning about new stuff, and making things work no matter what that thing might be. Someone told me that might make for a good Engineer. I think that just makes for a good me where I can fit into almost any job and succeed with little training upfront. I may have questions as I go along, but the passion in figuring out how to make something work the way it should is something you can’t find in most other people.


That’s my brief overview about myself. I know it’s not the most organized and maybe I’ll jump back in to clean this up, but for now I’m honestly trying to get the basics up and ready to go so I can get back to life in general!