My Work

Below you’ll find a listing of various projects that I have worked on or I am currently working on. If you have any questions about them please drop me a line on the contact page!

My Work

Below you’ll find a listing of various projects that I have worked on or I am currently working on. If you have any questions about them please drop me a line on the contact page!

Past Work

QwikMed Pharmacy & Clinic

QwikMed Pharmacy & Clinic was one of my first trusted clients. They took a chance with me being a new company and allowed me to assist in raising their prescriptions by 33%! I focused on really getting to know LeRoy and Stephanie Hodges as well as their business, which is located in the Westwood Shopping center off McPherson Church Rd in Fayetteville, NC. We met together a few times to discuss the goals for their business. After getting a good feel of the goals and really immersing ourselves in the location I got to work integrating color schemes already existing into a unique design. Combined with photography from Raul Rubiera this project was a success!

Array Magazine

Array Magazine is a local magazine to Cumberland County and also FREE to all readers! I take Ad space out in the magazine as a matter of fact and I update the website monthly with new articles and issues for all to see. If you’re looking for a favorite local magazine for Fayetteville, NC or Cumberland County in general then look no further. AnneMarie and her staff provide a wholesome and complete experience for the area.

Ultra Mix Events

Matt Butterworth of Ultra Mix Events actually was the DJ at my own wedding in April 2016. He reached out to me wanting to grow and scale his business this year, 2018. Together we have started a marketing journey that will bring him to the top of his game by designing and maintaining a slick website for all clients to enjoy featuring a Quote-Tool that brings in qualified leads. As each month passes we add more to the website and tweak conversion tactics.

Forever Kids Academy

Forever Kids Academy has been with me since the very beginnings. The website itself has gone through multiple iterations continuously improving with my skills. The center is owned by Patricia Bunn, my mother, and is one of the top daycare centers in Hoke County and possibly North Carolina! The center itself focuses on treating everyone including employees, children, and parents as if they were a member of the family. This is especially held true as the center is family-owned and operated. I perform basic Social Media Management, Email Management, and website design as well as management for Forever Kids Academy.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Sakura Japanese Restaurant boasts an amazing repertoire of awards for their incredible Sushi. They are not only the best sushi in Fayetteville NC, but they were also my neighbors at one point! I worked together with Raul Rubiera once again to get some absolutely fantastic photography of the Sakura Restaurant itself, the Chefs, and the food. Quality photography really does bring out the best in a website especially when there is food involved. I also assisted in getting the old website and social media (which were both hijacked by a third party) shut down so no false information was out there about the website.

EVA, Inc

Exemplary Vertical Applications, Inc (EVA, Inc) was one of our first official e-commerce solution websites and boy is it unique. These electric and solar solutions are among some of the best on the market! Eric is truly an inspirational person with one of the most positive attitudes we’ve seen and he manages to run his business all while serving with the United States Military. I want to thank you as a Veteran myself and as current civilians of the United States.

Cape Beard: Follicles Of Freedom

I am a member of one of Fayetteville North Carolina’s best charity groups. Cape Beard: Follicles of Freedom has been putting on charitable events to benefit various non-profits since its creation in 2011. Together the club of Brothers has raised over $100,000 to benefit various organizations like Kids Peace, Autism Society of Cumberland County, and The Karen Chandler Trust. This group of men call themselves Brothers after earning that right through a prospecting phase. Each year they strive to do great things for their community following a simple catchphrase: KTF. Essentially meaning Family, Work, Beard Club.

Innovocative Theatre

Innovocative Theatre, located in Tampa Fl, is chock-full of wonderful talent! We’re proud to design and manage Innovocative’s Website throughout the year. If you’re looking for raw talent and great stories then Innovocative Theatre is definitely a must see. Check in often as shows change seasonally allowing for variety, but still offering multiple showings of each performance. I want to thank Innovocative Theatre for being a loyal customer since the very beginning of my business.

Whitley Engineering

Whitley Engineering was our first customer following the move to southern Atlanta GA. In an effort to make the business appear more professional on the web a completely new design complete with content from previously written documentation was made for Whitley Engineering. Drones were used to obtain arial shots of the land development process. Since completing the website the business has boasted more leads via e-mail forms to the point they had to turn away a few businesses in order to catch up, hire new people, and get ready for the influx of leads!

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