Think Outside The Bunn

One key part of trusting in someone you work with is understanding who they are. I don’t want to be that anonymous person you work with I want to be someone you know and trust. Nothing I do is a secret and I share my knowledge freely, but my time is spent sharing this knowledge, working, and sharing life with my family. I would love to work with you and so you trust me I open my life to you through blogs that are not only helpful, but personal blogs about my life, my family, and my personal journey. If you follow me on Social Media you can share with me directly. I’m an open book, so let’s chat and get to growing.

My Family

So Many Bunn’s

Well not really for now it’s just me and my Wife, but wait…there’s more. We have 4 ferrets, 1 turtle, and 1 adopted Weiner dog. You’ll learn more about them as you read through my blogs every now and again. Feel free to share any related stories you have or comments you may have. Ask questions if you want. Thanks for checking in with me!

My Wife

I love my wife and I like to see her happy. Her privacy is important to her, so you will read about her occasionally, but only so far as she will allow me most likely haha.

My Family

My family just seems to be getting bigger thankfully. Instead of just my parents and sisters I now have in-laws and nephews! I’m sure you’ll meet them through these ramblings as well.

My Pets

My Pets have no say in it and they are inexplicably cute. They will be shown as often as I get around to it. We don’t plan on these being the only pets so stay tuned for additions.

Latest News

Camping Trip #1 – Waccamaw State Park

It’s been a little over 4 years since I last camped out in the woods, but that was part of being in the U.S. Army and I didn’t control too much of what I was allowed to bring or do. We weren’t even allowed to follow regulations set forth by the Military, but had to...

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My Own Vices Video Games have always been a huge time-suck of mine. Recently as I have gotten busier and busier with my business and helping other businesses grow I have had to put such things on the back burner. I will always love video games and will always continue...

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